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Harsh Realities: Going Out Of Business

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Going out of Business

Harsh Realities: Going Out Of Business. It’s a bad reminder when you travel abroad and see that the rest of the developed world is having just as a bad time economically as the USA.  Of course I consider myself lucky to live in the developed  world were we can complain about such things instead of wondering where our next meal will come from, or worry about my safety.  My wife and I visited Winchester England, home of King Arthur’s Round Table, and the burial place of Jane Austen, a few weeks ago and I came across this store and it struck me as pretty stark.  Winchester is about an hour and half southwest of London off the M3 and has a great pedestrian shopping area with unique stores and restaurants.

going out of business

Harsh Realities

This is the second photograph in a collection I have started putting together. View my my first from Philadelphia called Hard Realities. I hope in this collection to capture the plight of those who are struggling in hopes that we would reach out to those in need and lift them up in prayer.

Written by Chris

January 28th, 2013 at 10:00 am